The associations for Children’s Assistance ACA is a Non-Governmental Organization founded and inspired vision of Founder Bishop Deogratias Gashagaza, driven by Christian values with the objective to give Vulnerable families in social categories of orphans, vulnerable children and youth care that entails formal academic basic education and complimentary psycho-socio support to enable them have an equal opportunity to actualize their dreams and aspirations as other privileged children.

It all began with routine simple ministerial patrol drives in the center’s neighbouring community where he realized that there was a wider population of destitute children lacking in basic needs and psycho-social nurturing in Rwanda. Kigali based ACA center was first started as a welfare program aimed at assisting orphans and vulnerable children in the city slums acquire basic education but after more interaction with the children and better understanding of their complex and diverse needs gravitated towards formal registration of an organization that more holistically addresses underprivileged children and youth and Women needs.

Bishop Deo Ministry seeks to intervene and change fortunes of vulnerable Women and youth that affected by the effects of Covid -19, and live in families hampered by extreme poverty for the better living conditions. This has been achieved through the strategic and active collaboration with various partners both locally and internationally with a unique model that ensures that the programme beneficiaries are well integrated back into society.

Sponsorship offers children in Rwanda the opportunity to attend school and experience the love of Christ. Are you called to be a sponsor today?